Storage and Back-up

The data storage market is exploding and will continue to grow at nearly 30% per annum. Cloud storage and backup is set to dominate the market as more and more users move their data online where it not only more cost-effective, but also demonstrably more secure, than self-storing and self-backing-up.


Mozy is the world’s most trusted online backup service for consumers and small businesses with more than three million customers, 70,000 business users and 70 petabytes of information stored at its multiple data centers around the globe. Mozy was acquired by EMC Corporation in 2007 and is now operated as part of Decho Corporation, an EMC company.

There are only two types of businesses – those that have had employees lose data, or those that will lose data at some point!

Traditional backup solutions can be expensive and take weeks to implement, leaving your client’s businesses vulnerable to sales and productivity loss. It’s necessary for all businesses to have a backup solution that they can set and forget. Mozy’s award winning  online backup solution with fantastic new functionality such as mobile access (Android, iPhone/iPad) is just the product to offer your clients. Click here for more product details.

What’s the appeal for resellers?

1) It’s simple – You can manage multi-user environments, schedule automatic backups, and monitor the health of your client’s backups from the convenience of a single web-based admin console. And technical support is available 24/7/365 to assist you with your client’s backup needs.

2) It’s secure – You can count on Mozy’s strict security policies, military-grade encryption, and world-class data centres for optimal data protection of your customer’s computers and servers.

3) It’s affordable – Mozy’s pay-as-you-go model offers flexible plans for your customers.  Save them time and money with no setup fees, no hardware to purchase, and little management required.

Check out the MozyPro product tour here.

Why CloudOne Services?

We have the experience and knowledge to help you tailor the right campaigns to engage and successfully sell MozyPro to your customers while earning great margins.


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Since early 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has provided companies of all sizes with an infrastructure web services platform in the cloud.

AWS enables you to requisition compute power, storage, and other services–gaining access to a suite of elastic IT infrastructure services as your business demands them. With AWS you have the flexibility to choose whichever development platform or programming model makes the most sense for the problems you’re trying to solve. You pay only for what you use, with no up-front expenses or long-term commitments, making AWS the most cost-effective way to deliver your application to your customers and clients.

AWS gives you the advantage of’s global computing infrastructure that is the backbone of’s multi-billion retail business and transactional enterprise whose scalable, reliable, and secure distributed computing infrastructure has been honed for over a decade.

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