PrivateSky – Secure email and file transfer encryption service

CloudOne Services is proud to announce our latest product offering: PrivateSky™, a secure email and file transfer encryption service.

PrivateSky™ – Security made simple

PrivateSky is nothing short of a revolution in the way businesses and individuals secure the messages and files that they send and receive every day!

  • No more complex, multi-click processes that interrupt your workflow  – PrivateSky provides instant, one-click, cost-effective protection to ensure that your data is encrypted and secure at all times – even before it leaves the device
  • Forget the vendor being able to see your data – the encryption in PrivateSky is truly end-to-end. No-one else can see your data; not even CertiVox! Only the sender and recipient can decrypt the information that is sent and received
  • Gone are the days when you needed to remember multiple usernames and passwords – PrivateSky uses a simple, four-digit PIN, which you can use with multiple identities, to enable you to secure both home and work data
  • No need to pre-enrol a recipient to enable them to receive your secure message or file – with PrivateSky, you can send encrypted messages and files to any recipient, at any time, and you can also use it to send data to yourself for storage

PrivateSky – browser and email-based compliance, in one!

PrivateSky works in any HTML5 browser. PrivateSky for Outlook works with Microsoft Outlook, the world’s favourite email software. In both versions, you can secure, send and receive large files (10MB using the browser, 5GB using Outlook.)

The encryption used in both versions is military-standard and adheres to international data protection standards (HIPAA, EU Privacy Directives and PCI compliance regulations.)

Find out more about PrivateSky and get one of our Account Team to call you and provide a wholesale quote.


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