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October 10th, 2012

CertiVox announces first ever solution for one-click, end to end security within Microsoft Outlook

PrivateSky for Outlook secures world’s favourite email client

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CertiVox, a leading Web 2.0 security company, has today announced the launch of the world’s first automatic, end-to-end encryption capability designed specifically to enable Government, businesses and individuals to benefit from one-click security within Microsoft Outlook.

PrivateSky™ for Outlook enables users to automatically encrypt messages and large files from within their Outlook client. No troublesome usernames and passwords are required – only a four-digit PIN. There are no changes to the user’s workflow – PrivateSky for Outlook installs a simple, single button into the sender’s Outlook email console, to enable them to secure, send and receive messages with one click.

PrivateSky for Outlook’s ability to secure much larger files than Outlook normally supports – up to 5GB – enables it to address the growing risk of employees resorting to insecure file transfer methods because of the filesize limitations of Exchange. In contrast to other encryption solutions, the recipient does not need to be previously enrolled. Clicking on the received message is all that is required to both decrypt and view the message, but the data remains completely encrypted and safe until the recipient verifies their identity.

Private Sky for Outlook provides total, certificateless message and file security from creation to delivery. It dispenses with the costly, labour-intensive key management and administration issues that often plague businesses using conventional encryption technologies.

“This is the perfect example of how CertiVox’s technology doesn’t just deliver benefit in its own right, but can also transform the value of even the most wellestablished solutions in the market, giving users a level of security that they have never previously been able to experience,“ Brian Spector, CEO of CertiVox, said. “The user doesn’t care about the years of cryptographic expertise and military grade encryption techniques behind the service – they just want a single button in their Outlook, that takes care of all the encryption the moment they click it. From the point of view of the end user, reseller, partner and distributor, it is absolute simplicity.”

Rob Gaskin, Business Development Director of pioneering cloud service provider CloudOne Services, who will make PrivateSky for Outlook available through the channel, said “We are excited about leading the channel for PrivateSky for Outlook and creating the opportunity for service providers to participate. PrivateSky for Outlook delivers hugely powerful security for end-users, yet it doesn’t require a change in their behaviour in any way. It’s business as usual, but better. We anticipate that our service provider customers will be extremely keen to provide such a straightforward service for their end-users to adopt.”

For more information on PrivateSky, visit

About CertiVox
CertiVox is a leading web security company that provides authentication and encryption-based SaaS (software as a service) solutions to government, enterprises and individuals. It helps them to simply and cost-effectively secure and manage their information exchange, including messages and files. It also enables device and software developers to secure and protect their cloud based products, with confidence. CertiVox’s solutions include PrivateSky, PrivateSky for Outlook, SkyPin, SkyKey and MIRACL. CertiVox combines certificateless encryption with strong, two-factor authentication, using highly secure cryptographic protocols. The resulting security is easier to access and provision, lower-maintenance, more effective, and more economical than traditional, PKI-based approaches.

CertiVox is headquartered in London (UK) and has offices in San Francisco (US), Dublin (Ireland) and Sofia (Bulgaria). For more information, visit

May 31st, 2012

CertiVox signs partnership agreements with exclusive Hosting Service Providers to host and sell PrivateSky™ Secure Information Exchange

PrivateSky™, the world’s first and only certificateless secure information exchange for the cloud becomes available through an exclusive network of highly prolific and recognized Hosting Service Providers

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., and LONDON, UK, May 31 2012 – CertiVox announces key partnership signings with exclusive Hosting Service Providers (HSP) to take their PrivateSky™ Secure Information Exchange platform, a revolutionary breakthrough in information security to market, who include;

-          CloudOne Services a London based SaaS distributor of best in class or breakthrough cloud software to the reseller channel and enterprise segments.

-          Hostnet bv based in Amsterdam, is one of the largest internet service providers in the Netherlands offering services such as domain registrations, email packages and web hosting to both business and private market.

-          LuxCloud is a market leader in cloud service distribution offering a white labeled, full-service SaaS delivery platform focusing on telecommunication operators, service providers, and channel partners.

This new software as a service (SaaS) provides fast and easy-to-use of protection for messages, files and other information sent via the cloud through a unique two-factor authentication process and a sophisticated, certificateless encryption platform.

PrivateSky™ is the most secure hosted information exchange platform on the market today enabling users to easily comply with HIPPA, PCI, and European Privacy Directives where encrypted messaging and encrypted file transfer is mandated. CertiVox will bring tremendous business opportunities to their partners to win new business, particularly in markets that are mandated by regulatory and compliance data security statutes.  Partners will increase customer loyalty with our high value, free version of PrivateSky™ where their growth opportunity will be upselling to the PrivateSky™ Professional subscription with built-in cross-selling and marketing incentives.

What our Partners have to say:

CloudOne Services: Rob Gaskin, Business Development Director for CloudOne Services commented ‘We are very excited about the partnership with Certivox’ said Gaskin.  ‘With CloudOne Services extensive channel reach, business users of all sizes are now able to access a low cost, regulation secure email exchange platform using only their browser or Outlook’.

HostNet bv : Merijn de Brabander, Business Manager for HostNet bv commented: ‘Security is an essential part of our daily business. Thanks to the partnership with PrivateSky™ (CertiVox) we can now complement our professional hosting services with a highly secure encrypted mail and data exchange platform’.

LuxCloud: Marco Houwen, Founder and CEO of LuxCloud commented: ‘Luxcloud is positioned with its SaaS delivery platform to deliver best in class cloud computing capabilities through its network of partners, telco operators and resellers. PrivateSky™ is a great addition to the portfolio of products we provision to customers whether as a bundled service or as a unique service to regulated industries across all segments’.

These key partnerships will help CertiVox grow its customer base through sales of PrivateSky™ to new customers making PrivateSky™ the security product of choice for regulated industries, helping to grow our Partners market share through many significant opportunities.   PrivateSky™ will undoubtedly broaden our Partner offerings with the option to get their customers started with a Free service that offers a tremendous platform to upsell them to the chargeable Professional edition.

Frank Boening the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CertiVox commented “For CertiVox to have on-boarded such key partnerships it reflects the hosting service providers desire to collaborate with companies and share a common commitment to securing their customers content in the cloud which will undoubtedly prove to be a most lucrative business partnership for the future”.



May 6th, 2012

Cloud One Services appoint Select Legal as partner to target law firms for MozyPro online data back up offering

CloudOne Services, the SaaS specialist trade only distributor, has partnered with niche software provider Select Legal to provide MozyPro, the EMC owned online back up and remote recovery solution to their client base

As part of the agreement, It will see Select Legal offer the mozypro server or desktop back up solution to law firms. MozyPro uses military grade encryption to transfer company data securely into EU located EMC’s data centres.

Mike Craven, Director at Select Legal said “We chose MozyPro via CloudOne as it offers the flexibility and customisation required for our customers along with the assurance of MozyPro and EMC’s expertise in data storage.  CloudOne services also provided comprehensive support and training from the outset, which has prepared us well to deliver it to our clients”.

Rob Gaskin, Director at CloudOne Services said: “Select Legal’s knowledge and understanding of the legal segment made them an ideal partner to target law firms with MozyPro, as their clients have particularly high security and regulation standards on data back up solutions which MozyPro can offer”.

Daragh Donohoe EMEA sales lead for Mozy said:  “With CloudOne Services knowledge of cloud technologies and routes to market has allowed us to access new channels and customers who can fully utilise the benefits of using MozyPro in their business”.



September 30th, 2011
CloudOne Recruits for Mozy Resellers
CloudOne Services, the SasS-specialist trade-only distributor, has launched a recruitment drive for resellers looking to exploit the high-margin recurring revenues achievable through the resale of online backup and remote recovery solutions from EMC-owned Mozy.

As part of the drive, CloudOne will be offering resellers the opportunity to add the award-winning MozyPro product set to their portfolios. MozyPro offers simple, automatic and secure backup, with remote and mobile access and a feature-rich admin console, for businesses of all sizes.

Hamilton Rentals is a CloudOne reseller already seeing the benefits of adding MozyPro to its customer offering. “MozyPro via CloudOne was our backup solution of choice as it offers value and functionality for our customers,” said Steve Shelsher, Sales Director at Hamilitons. “CloudOne provided all the support we needed and made it easy to sell. They also provided customisation of the product and great margin for us and our partners”

Dan Somers at CloudOne said: “MozyPro’s admin console is perfect for resellers who want to manage the backup and restore process as a service for their clients as they can remotely set up and monitor end-user backups from their own offices. And, in the event that the user loses data, there’s no trekking back and forth with tapes; the reseller can remotely restore files back to individuals’ computers or servers.”

Daragh Donohoe, who leads Mozy’s sales team in EMEA said: “Partnering with CloudOne and Mozy is a great opportunity for resellers. CloudOne Services, with their expert knowledge of cloud technologies, are able to bring technical and marketing support to resellers to drive MozyPro business to end customers through the channel.”



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