CIMTrek – Finally an automated solution for Lotus Notes Migration



CIMtrek is a revolutionary software product that helps organisations automatically migrate LotusNotes applications to desired environments, such as Microsoft SharePoint, .NET, Java J2EE, and Google. With a few clicks of a mouse. Literally.

Whether moving to a ‘cloud’ architecture, or retaining the applications within the corporate environment, CIMtrek automates the laborious and often cost-prohibitive processes such as:

  • Application discovery and integrity check
  • Extracting data
  • Migrating to new environment
  • Building new database
  • Packaging applications either ‘as is’ or look-and-feel of the new environment

Companies have saved literally millions of dollars by using CIMtrek and migrating their applications without the need for costly consultancy, complex project management or having to stick with cumbersome or expensive legacy applications, improving worker productivity.

CIMtrek has already been denoted by Gartner as one of their ‘Cool Vendors’.


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